Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day Blizzard

Valentine's Day will have a slightly different theme this year. Absent will be red hearts and the usual fare. Instead we have a heart of ice. Not to be taken too literally though.

Jineane carving a heart out of a block of ice. No, it is not meant to be a pair of buttocks, that is a heart.

Valentine's day will be celebrated particularly intensely this year. Not with the hot blooded intensity of passion and love but of the bitter cold white blown intensity of a good ol' fashioned Nor'easter. Now the forecasters are not calling for a full blown blizzard. They do say there will be heavy snow and wind but for some reason they think the warm air this storm will be pulling in from the coast when it strengthens tonight will cause a mixing of precipitation in the major cities. Well, we have had absolutely no Nor'easters this entire winter so I have to be optimistic that mother nature is going to make up for the below average snowfall with one big massive pent up storm to be remembered as the Valentine's Day Blizzard. Why else would she wait all winter long and then smack dab on Valentine's Day give us a massive snowstorm? I don't want to predict amounts, but my presonal bet is 2 feet in the Berkshires with locally heavier amounts and massive snowdrifts. :)

Now from the official sources I've heard anywhere between 1 and 2 feet on the weather channel and www.accuweather.com and 2 to 3 feet with, locally, areas receiving 4 feet from WAMC driving home from school this morning. At anyrate, look forward to fun pictures of the aftermath (and possibly during) this Happy Valentine from Mother Nature who looks like she will be making up for her holding out on us for so long! In any event, look forward to pictures of the aftermath (and perhaps during) of this storm later in the week.

In other news, went hiking up Monument Mountain for a little fresh air exercize with Nori.

Nori Photographs me with nair encouragement of my climbing out zee narrow tree trunk. I concurred it was a bad idea and shimmied my way back down lest I fall and twist mine ankle on the rocks below.

An Elf Princess curiously pokes her head through the pine needles.

River of ice. I was tempted to slide down it. Maybe after the snowstrom I will go back up there and slide down it with the cushion and safety of the snow there.

Snowy commute to BCC at too early in the morning.

Remember what this scene looked like before the blizzard. Taken yesterday.

We close out this blog with a special honor to yours truly. Jacobis manages to receive the highly reputable honor of Member of the Month at Simon's Rock fitness center. Yes, even though I am not a member it was deemed so unlikely that someone should put their stuff in the locker, come back to the locker and fail to find it, leave and come back and look for it again and still not find it, until finally after looking through all the lockers find his stuff and upon closing the locker door see that it reads "Member of the Month" on the door. It's one thing to forget which locker you stowed your stuff. It's altogether quite another thing when the locker reads Member of the Month. So that is the little story of how Jacobis got Member of the Month even though he is not in fact a member at all.


samuel said...

and the award goes to....
jacinto, for most flagrantly absent-minded behavior.


Anonymous said...

Root I gotta hand it to you, only you can pull it off!!! Absent-minded is the understatement of the year!!!