Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A date with winter

Well, it wasn't quite the blizzard I had hoped for. The blizzard happened farther north and the Berkshires were left with mostly pelting sleet instead. Fortunately we did get a heavy burst of snow at the tail end of the storm to give tonight's forecasted wind something to blow around and cause further havoc on the roadways overnight. That, combined with the frigid temperatures forecast for tomorrow morning and the downright dangerous windchills will perhaps be grounds enough to cancel morning classes tomorrow. I have a test tomorrow and have to be at class tomorrow morning at 8am. Deicing the car at 6:55am will not be fun. Today, in addition to day and night classes being canceled at BCC, banks and even fitness centers were closed. Fun.

A man walks across the street, he says, "why am I soft in the middle now, why am I short on attention" and then he sees the apparently non operational garbage can of art and is equally as puzzled as I am at this artistic manifesto the day before the snowstorm.

Jacobis sells a shawl to an employee at Berkshire Bike and Blade. You're thinking that shawl looks mighty fine wrapped around Craig's masculine frame. Well, it looks alot nicer around a woman's shoulders. You're also thinking you'd like such a fine handicraft from the hinter regions of India: Kashmir to be precise; but you're also thinking that you can't afford such fine fare from one of the most opposite and remote reaches of the earth. Ahh.. but you are mistaken. This shimmering shawl can be yours for the low low price of only $29.95!

This Titan of snow removal machines dwarfs the other dinky plows nearby as the snowplower smugly walks by an ordinary snowplow after no doubt having done the lionshare of the Pricechopper Plaza parking lot.

The Previa trundles through the snow with naren't a napswatch to say about the sleet slicked roads.

Heavy snow can't deter the stalwart and uncanny traction of the Toyota Previa even without snow tires.

And now onto our special feature: Ripplies Believe it or Not segment.

Beefy Ben demonstrates the shoulder pushup via the physio ball impossible posture maneuver.

Jake attempts the shoulder pushup via the physio ball impossible posture maneuver.


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Anonymous said...

Rooot. sorry it dissapointed, but at least the car holds up!! And the shawls good luck budy, you should try the streets of New York. They are pretty though. Or selll them through some ones store. If you get ten bucks each for them I'd call it a win.
Some sisterly advice.
P.S. Keep up the blog, I'm either in tears or laughing hysterically. Love ya, IRC