Thursday, February 15, 2007

Not much doin'

Woke up 15 minutes before the alarm clock went off. Looked outside... clear skies and not too much wind. Damn it. School. As I lie in bed I debate whether I should bother calling in to see if there's a delay... just in case. I call and low and behold 2 1/2 hour delay. Quite happily surprised. Too bad Ben didn't have the horse sense to check ahead. He gets to school and there's no one there. I had emailed him but he didn't check it before he left.

The very useful, very practical results of receiving personal fitness instruction from one of the Berkshire's premier personal trainers: Ben-yay-man. Shoveled the walkway free of frozen sleet and packed snow.

getting cozy with the cats. It's not that the book I was reading for school was boring, I was just very tired.


sargeant heinrich said...

time for some new socks there, pally.

nice red fields of clay up yonder.

solomon said...

looks lovely as always. i think DC has more snow than you now, though. We got three inches and were incapacitated - school's shut down, metro's not working, the works. Definitely the city of northern charm and southern efficiency.