Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jack Ass ala Jake

Nori and I went for a hike and then I decided sledding would be much more fun so we came back with a sled and I went sledding off a cliff and somehow came away alive. But perhaps what is more impressive is that my camera survived the tumble.

As I realized that the drop off might be significant I debated whether I should bale. When I finally realized I really should bale it was too late and I was airborne. I let go of the sled and planned for the landing. Instead of letting fear defeat my self preservation skills I timed the landing, absorbed the fall by entering into an Aikido roll to come up standing. Yes, I guess that old Aikido roll I learned 17 years ago was practiced enough during that Steiner School Fifth Grade fad to have found a permanent place in my long term memory. As you can hear in the video I am exstatic and amazed at not being even remotely hurt. My knees, ankles, nothing. And I typicall have weak angles. I was expecting at best a twisted ankle and at worst... --well, thankfully I didn't get a chance to think that far ahead.

View from top of the cliff I sledded off.

Don't be a llama. Feed the llama.

The terrain was too steep and wooded for Nori to join me in my daredevil edneavors so she stood around and looked pretty and filmed.

But I wasn't done after that flying sled stunt. I sledded the whole way down what we hiked up, riding up banks and crashing periodically into trees when I wasn't able to make a turn. At the bottom I was going too fast to even turn let alone bale so I tried to go between the trees and was pretty certain I was gonna get clobbered good, but somehow managed to once again come through without injury. How many lives does this cat have? I felt extremely lucky. I was stupid but I kept my wits about me and that has made all the differenece.

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Daniel Schmolze said...

While the footage is entertaining, your crazy-ass cackling all the way down really takes the cake.