Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bash Bish Falls: The Icecapade (highspeed internet highly recommended)

Some random pics before we get to the main event of this blog:
The brook on Mt. Washington Rd. after the Valentine's day snowstorm.

After 30 years of Lifesharing John decides it's time to learn how to weave.

Dan suits up for the big trek up the creek to the falls.

So don't even think about it.

Two intrepid trailblazers hiked up the brook instead of along the trail to reach Bash Bish Falls. Will they succeed without violating the posted sign?

We have not come alone.


Special Unit Dan.

You need someone special with you on such an expedition.

I like this photo because it's hard to tell the scale....

Dan leaps the gap.


Maybe this is not such a good idea.

Dan just doesn't quite have it in him to finish writing his name in the snow.

The Intrepid Dr. Root crosses very carefully.

Dan finds an alternate route.


More signs of instability

The way is marred with ice and snow. But the intrepid mountaineers are not girliemen and press onwards.

Special Unit Dan celebrates a succesfful negotaition of the challenge.

An elf photographs himself after collapseing through the ice.

After a minor scare of breaking through the ice, the team reaches the falls, but the adventure does not end here....

The pair attempt to climb to the top of the falls.

Above the falls.

The not so intrepid elf hopes the ice will not break through into the deep cold pool below. He keeps as close to the rock wall as possible. Unfortunately the pictures here do not do justice the clear and present danger.

Almost there.

On top of Bash Bish Falls

We'll walk back by the road.

The trees basking in the glow of the day's last rays.

Apparently there was a house on fire on Route 23 near the Egremont Country Club.

Well that was about all the excitement I could handle for one day.

Every once in awhile we have a special little ditty on the blog. Some kind of riddle or trivia or somesuch. Well, the first person to explain what is causing the hologram in this photograph will get adulation and praise from yours truly. And honestly, no flat screen tv or cash prize could be as great a reward.


Daniel Schmolze said...

Yay. Good times. You're gonna have to wait until I get back for my pics.

Over and out,
2nd Lieutenant Dan

Steve said...

Shooting through polarized (sp?) sunglasses, maybe?