Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jug End Slip and Slide

What happens to the end of the jug when it freezes? It becomes slippery is what.

Hacinto Querer takes a tumble.

Don't let that white stuff fool ya. It's all ice underneath.

Jacinto hobbles across the icy path and can't believe it when he makes it across without taking a tumble.

Ben finds this all very funny.

Hector Gallargia whips the air with his scarf.

Horace the Honorable reaches the summit in grand fashion.

This is the town where I grew up. That is the pond I drive by everyday since I can remember.


jimmy bo horne said...

nice shotz, dude.


Eva said...

jeeps jake,
great to have the possibility to enjoy the snow-scapes (&-falls) from our little Belgian country.
More pleazzze :-).

It snowed here as well this week, I couldn't believe my eyes!

And yeah, I know what it's like not having a car..I regret having sold mine now, but it's better for the birds and the bees (and our legs - long live the bike), right?

Greetz at everibodeeeej!