Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dan creates blog

So Dan thinks he can one up me, does he? He thinks he can steal all my glory, eh? He thinks his photographic artistry and high falutin' humor is any match to my sophisticated wit and innate photographic talent? Well I have news for you buster, nobody replaces the one and only Intrepid Dr. Root's blog. Nobody. You think by becoming a real doctor you're gonna somehow be better than me now? Your blog will automatically be endowed with some sort of superiority and will be better than mine? Is that it? Everything is a competition with you, isn't it. Well, we'll just see about that. We'll just see whose blog comes out on top.

Here are some pics I lifted from Dan's newly created blog because I was jealous that he was able to get better shots than I. I mean, we were both on the same hike, weren't we? So why didn't I get the same shots? I mean for real!!

Oohhh... snow squall the next day.

Maria can't believe I fell asleep on the job....

Jason models one of his shawls he brought back from India. There's no wrong way to wear a Kashmiri shawl.

Shawnee and Bryan had mom and I over for dinner. Here Shawnee is with their new dog Cashmere. Actually, the real name is Niko (sp?) but mom thought Cashmere was a more suitable name. Soft little pluppetywup.

A snowdrift looms ominously. Okay... so it doesn't really loom ominously. I mean, it's not like I half expected it to attack me, but I thought it looked cool, okay?

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Daniel Schmolze said...

It is on, my friend.

The link to my blog needs a forward slash at the end, like so: