Monday, September 18, 2006

Updated! (was dragged out of internet cafe by my ears by these two girls)

From the plane I swore I got a glimpse of Osama bin Laden hiding in the hills of Bora Bora.

Picture of Nora and Rachel kissing, I mean posing at Redfort. Redfort is from the Muggle Empire err... the Mughal Empire.

And... the internet is too damn slow to upload any images. UGHHH Nori and Rachel keep telling me to let go of the blog and just be here. "You're in India!" and therefore I should be in the moment and not put energy into what would be good for the blog etc.

Some happy guys on the street who were happy to entertain an American... or be entertained by one. Nori would like to illustrate my naivatee by pointing out they were veggie wallahs. Wallah is man or thing. Or at least Nora thinks... she's not sure. "I am sure!" Nora is a bit confused. Nora does not appreciate this rant. Nora would like to obliterate my blog.

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A man fixing the power lines. A cow in the background. An American woman posing as a native of India.

Even the monkey is curious of the fair skinned American.
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I got a shave and "face massage" this morning on the street. It was sooo nice! Nora isn't feeling too well and so wasn't able to get a good photo. But the whole process took about twenty minutes. First he thoroughly lathers then shaves, then lathers again and shaves again, then rinses, then some aftershave and some other ointments or creams, then rinse. Then spray water on my head. Rigorous head massage for about five minutes with the tips of his fingers. Was fab. He even cracked my ear lobes. That was really strange and made me laugh. The barber was trying to see how much he could get away with charging me. After some hesitation he said 50 rupees. I thought that was very reasonable and paid it along with a 10 rupee tip which he seemed to feel abashed about accepting. I later found out the going price for the shave is 10 rupees.

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Steve said...

Sounds very fun. We watched Ben run fast and then stained part of the barn. I would like to see earlobe cracking.

Sharon said...

Jake,We just (re)discovered your blog and I'm happy as I haven't heard too much from Nori. What do you mean by "Nora isn't feeling too well"?!? So you giys are on your way to Ladakh already...have a fabulous time. I hope you can keep up the blog! It's fun to get your lens.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, please put energy into it when you can. We love being able to get a birds eye veiw or be perched on your shoulder while you explore. Love you. Illona

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Nora's fine. We're both doing great considering its our first few days. We're now in Manali and can see freshly whitened peaks! New blog soon.