Sunday, September 17, 2006

Delhi Life

Rachel, Nora's friend who we are staying with, has been a very gracious host. Though India seems crazy on the surface, in many respects it seems to be more sane, more efficient and more logical. India is so alive. America is so dead. Just about as bland as a british biscuit. A rickshaw goes one kilometer on one rupee. A rupee is about 2.2 cents. A Toyota Corolla seems like a monstrosite now.

I'm slowly gaining my strength but everything is still pretty exhausting. Lots of walking around trying to take it all in without going into overwhelm. I still have yet to tell of the fiasco before leaving to India but I just don't know if I'll have time now.

Ben! Good luck in the race! Beat Oliver for me. :)

Tomorrow we take a 14 hour sleeper bus ride to Manali for $9.95 (450 rupees). Manali is a resort hilltown on the way to Ladakh. Nori says: "Rigcin might come!" He does guided treks. He seems like a very congenial guy. No photos cause I keep forgetting to bring my cable. Soon enough my friends. Soon enough. Really not much to see yet to be honest.

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Anonymous said...

Jason, keep it coming, I feel like I am reading a really good novel and am waitng to turn each page to see what is next. I have this image of you hurtling yourself into space to see what happens. Or plunging into deep water. And of course you are boyant, even if only metaphorically! Sounds like you are settling in and I can't wait to hear more about your impressions of India.
Love Illona