Friday, September 29, 2006

Bye to the Bangalore Boys

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We parted ways on a bottle of tequila. Usually I won't go near the stuff but I think it was good quality because I quite enjoyed the four shots and felt very good soon after rather than having a head ache and feeling poopy which is usually what happens when I drink hard liqueur. Salt and lemon are key. The boys had to go to sleep right after to wake for their early flight so I lay in bed drunk bemusing myself with my camera. Pixagogo direct photo link

I got money out of the ATM today and while I'm counting the cash and putting it back in my wallet the ATM is beeping at me to take my card, but I don't want to take my card until I'm done putting my money away. Just before I finish I see my card slip back into the machine. No biggie but it was a bit alarming to see it go bye bye. It could have waited more than 10 seconds. Okay, sorry for boring blog, but I'm just hanging around Leh taking care of some business, waiting for my Ipod to charge and listening to some Indian music on this here computer. I'll pick up my card tomorrow morning at the bank.

I'm trying to get mom and dad to buy a carpet. Forget Persian rugs, these Kashmere carpets are out of this world. If you want one they range from $200 to $900+. Silk and wool carpets that change color and shimmer in the light, not to mention how soft they are to the touch and how luminescent they look. The silk ones even massage your feet. And they're surprisingly durable for being so soft -- the salesman crumpled one up to demonstrate the transportability and when he unraveled it again it was like a magic carpet-- totally unfussed. You really should consider....

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I ran into Kathryn in the market, the Austrian girl who got intimate with the car windshield on the ride home from the party and helped her confirm her flight and she accompanied me to the post office to ship some CDs home. The post office didn't have any packing materials so I bought an empty box from a store that was a good size and then I picked up a cardboard bottle separater lying on the side of the street and tore it apart and used that as packaging between the CDs. Getting resourceful is fun, and necessary. Right after we went our separate ways I ran into another person from the party, a local, who gave me a little tour of Ladakh.

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Still haven't arranged for my trek but hopefully will do that tomorrow. The season is gettting late....


Sharon said...

jake, I'll buy a csrpet if you are offering to get it here!
The photos of Ladakh are beautiful. can you describe more your experience of the place? what's it like there?
Be well!

mick jagger said...

moop, sounds like things are going fervently well.

what happened to going trekking, or to that spiritual retreat?

-babo la hara

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Sharon if you are really serious I can get a very good discount on rugs. Let me know what size, color and style and price range (squares, versus oval design) also mention silk or wool. I'd go silk as it's really nice on the bare feet! But both wool and silk are very beautiful. As far as sending home, prolly be about $50 to $100 shipping depending on size. Maybe less, not entirely sure.

It's nice here, I like taking it easy and talking with shopkeepers but sometimes feel bad at giving business to one and not another. I bought a whole bunch of shawls from the shopkeeper who has the rugs and that's why he is offering such good price on them. I saw the same carpet I got him down to $650 in another store and asked how much and was told $1090! Anyway, the people aren't quite as warm as they are in Manali or Delhi-- they are more typical of any other place I would say, but they are nice enough! I've just basically been hanging out with other tourists and tomorrow I am going to some Monasteries.