Friday, September 29, 2006

Dogs, donkeys and yaks

The sun goes down, the shopkeepers go home and the streets empty. Now is when the donkeys, dogs and yaks come out to play...

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Two of the Bangalore boys are going home two days later, Rahul because that was what he arranged and Varun because Jetways screwed up his flight. Ahh, yes, this is why we love India. Roshan and Vikram left this morning. I will prolly visit them in Bangalore later in my trip.


vlad the impaler said...

well, no one has posted a comment, so i'll just say hello. couldn't think of much else to say.
nice donkeys. miss ya.
berkshires are shrill with autumn and ginger and sasporilla and nutmeg, with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

everyone's getting sick here, so don't feel bad if you fall ill as well.
watch yo health.

-heath bar

Allison & Jonathan said...

Jake, sounds amazing, yet again. So jealous. Can I make a suggestion? Can you clearly state where you are and where you are going in each post? I'm having trouble keeping up as I can't always spend the time to scroll through and read every note. But I definitely look at all the pics. Peace and love my friend. Nameste!

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Yeah, sorry 'bout that. To recap, I spent a week in Manali, then did the 17 hour jeep ride over the mountains to Leh. I'm still in Leh so all the posts after jeep safari post have been in Leh. Next I don't know... maybe Daharmsala, maybe some other place up north, but eventually I have to work my way back to Veranasi and meet up with Nori again. Next post will be on the monsastaries I visited today 40k outside the city. Thanks for following along, more soon.

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

My health remains stalwart but my hand is slow to heal. A bit of a bee in the proverbial bonnet.

Varun said...

Hola Jason.

Rahul and I are back safely in Bangalore. M actually posting from work right now. Does your hand feel better now?

And what's the latest on the trek? Have the others decided on the 7 day or the 4 day thingy?

It's so nice to be back to a warmer place. Especially as warm as home. Take good care and drink safe water for a while more.

Oh, by the way, Katheryn flew to Delhi along with us. I gave her ur blog and mail id. She might write to you sometime soon.

Cheers & good health

Eva said...

seems like you don't feel bored there, waw. and euhm...picturesque landscapes! The berkshire hills can't touch those mountains ever, that's for sure.
We've had some wet days here, seems like there'll be no indian summer for me. hope remains though.
Johannes left safe and sound last saterday btw, he delivered a fantastic movie-job! and I moved into the 'girls' room with ze vjiew now,... space *yes*.
So, keep up the risk (within limits)'n fun and say hi to buddha for me

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Eva, I said hi to Buddha. I didn't realize Buddha was so big! And as far as risks, definitely been taking those (of a different kind.) Check next blog....