Friday, September 15, 2006



I saw a Fortune Teller today and spent way too much money for his wise insights into my life. He said I was a little insane and needed more courage... among other things.... I thought that was pretty spot on. Nora thought he just spoke a bunch of basic Indian mumbo jumbo.

I am weak and weathered from the onslaught on my senses. My body and mind is going to need time to acclimate. I was going to do a much more complete and thorou' blog entry with photos but don't have the energy yet to do it. I'm not sick but I feel a bit weak and weird. I can't believe how much water I went through today. Well over a gallon. I bought Ray Ban sunglasses for 100 rupees or about $2.20. The man's first offer was 700 rupees. Ants here are less resiliant than the ones at home. Monkeys roam in the streets. Cows too. The smells and sounds and streets and buildings and infrastructure remind me alot of Peru and are quite similar. But much more intense. Most vehicles are CNG labeled. The air in Delhi seems unpolluted; better than Los Angeles and much better than Lima, Peru! It has a strange odor and tastes heavy on the palette not unlike how it was in Peru.

Much more to tell... but that's all for now.


Anonymous said...

So feeling wierd? Why wouldn't you? India is still a pretty foreign place. More different than similar in many respects. We hope you feel better! Did the soothsayer have any qualifications?

John G Root Jr said...

That was your Dad. Blogspot won't let me in.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it begins again, the adventures of the Intrepid Dr. Root. The way you describe what you are seeing is about how I imagine it. "Keep your feet in the air and your head on the ground" as the Pixies said it and you'll be fine. Once you orient I am sure that coming back here, the culture shock will be even greater and harder to adjust to. And if you need courage, I've got a little to spare. So take what you can, cause I am right there with you.
If you need a good remedy for incarnating email me and I'll tell you. It's real easy to do. Love Illona

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Nora says: "Well, he was wearing a turban. He had kind eyes." I thought he was pretty intuitive, but alot of stuff was pretty general.

Illona, I think I'll be alright. Just need a few days to adjust to it all. Can't wait to get out of the city and into the hills.