Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Dilemma

We went for a hike today and I hurt my thumb when I fell so it will be hard to do proper blog updates for awhile. Sorry. :(

Rachel and I were going to go Dharmasala maybe but we are torn now because who leaves an injured friend in the Himalayas?

Send get well notes. This is very sad. --Nori

I was going to go to Ladakh up north tomorrow but will prolly leave on tues. or wed. now. little drama for you all...


your family said...

We are all sitting on the breakfeast table on sunday morning and look at your blog.
so here is what we want to tell you:

you took a lot of interesing picturese

We admire the pictures you took and what you wrote about them.

you lucky dog, you are going to Ladahk
we once heard a lecture about it when you were little and she wanted to go there to save the place from modernication
its a good place to find old customs, you should look for it

the painting in the living room we have is the painting of the dalay lama's house.

we were not clear who heart his finger in your blog
-your mom

I am happy
This is great
This is wonderfull

i think you are having a wonderful time in India and you will get a lot of inspiration from the time there. Take lots of pictures

Steve said...

"A little drama" here yesterday as well, as I wrecked the Prius in an encounter with a stray construction barrel on 495. The tow-truck guys think "totaled" but I won't here from the insurance companay until tomorrow. Sad, but I'm feeling fortunate and blessed that I did not injure even a thumb.

Anonymous said...

Jake, We are so sorry you are hurt. So you guys are splitting up for awhile? The ladies to Dharamsala? Jake solo to Ladakh? Hope everyone has good travels. I have seen photos of Ladakh from Nori Round One and it is very beautiful, for me the most attractive spot of her previous trip. Hope all goes well. Recover soon, jakie-ji.

Daniel Schmolze said...

Not posting = not an option. Ignore the pain.

So you're at each other's throats eh? I'm surprised it took so long.

jumping jack flash said...

jimmy guiffre,
sorry about your thumb.
looks like a bit of drama to be dished around for all.

spent four hours in the emergency room with a severe, crippling pain in the right testicle.

basically a minor infection, brought on by inflammation/infection. i suspect the weightlifting and relentless jumping around has something to do with it, as well as perhaps some sexual repression thrown in for good measure.

sorry for the blatant vulgarity. feeling a bit traumatized after it all.

big shot o' antibiotics in the toosh, which now hurts more than the testicle.

hope all's well. and what's going on with you and my sister? splitting already? that's sad, man.


The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Ben, you do realize the blog is public, right? I got x-rays of my thumb and no bone damage, just some compression. I was a little worried about it but now I realize my drama pales in comparison to you and Steve. Sorry for your plights! At least the Prius is covered by insurance, no? The blog will continue, my thumb is feeling much better already-- hearing the good news from the doctor was reassuring as I go on to Ladakh.

We have been at each others' throats a little - but it's not that - and we haven't really-- it's just a big ordeal to go to Ladakh. I will meet up with Nori and Rachel in about 3 weeks in Delhi or Benares where we will womp once again. Although I wanted Nori to come with me to Ladakh, I am looking forward to the solo journey into the mountains. Solo is good.

beefcake said...

yeah, maybe you can remove my comment.
was a bit out of sorts last night, and still.