Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Snowstorm!

Well, we had the Valentine's Day snowstorm. St. Patty decided to give us an end of winter lucky charm! Just when we thought winter was finnnally over, with the long months of below freezing temperatures having finally been brought to a sudden and seemingly difinite end with 70 degrees only a few days ago--WAM! we are hit with another major nor'easter dumping over 18 inches of the white fluffy stuff! For 18 straight hours the snow came down hard and piled up quick, never letting up the entire time, creating treacherous driving conditions and nearly leaving me stranded at Seekonk. Today was spent shovelling out cars followed by a short stint of cross country skiing along snowmobile tracks in the woods. Tomorrow morning (Sunday) it's off to Catamount for some downhill skiing!

As I was driving home last night, I'm coming up the hill around the turn when I suddenly see a headlight coming from the other direction. "What the hell!?" I exclaim out loud. "Somebody is riding a motorcycle in this weather?!" But as it zoomed by I saw that it was not a motorcyle at all, but in fact a snowmobile on the road! Ten minutes later two more went wizzing by.

The morning after no one is going anywhere any time soon.

Where does a rabbit find shelter after a major snowstorm? This one temporarily takes shelter by the house. But will it be able to find its way home again? Janine left some carrots by the house in case s/he doesn't.

Spring Break Madness continues. Doctor Dan to be falls asleep reading his Anatomy book. It doesn't get anymore exciting than this folks.

Well Blimey me! that Ben Sherman jacket has all kinds of style!

Mother and Daughter trudging through thigh deep snow to feed apples to the llamas.

"Don't you llamas wanna come any closer for some juicy, delicious apples?"

"Hmm... what do you say Ralph?" -- "Oh, I don't know about those humans. I think maybe I'll just watch... but you go ahead.

"Yay! This is fun!!"

"I dunno... seems like a lot of trouble just to feed a couple a llamas."

Yay, Nori feeds the llama! "Well, she doesn't seem so threatening...."(Yes, Spring Break in the Berkshires is really heating up now)

"Mmmmmm... not bad, sure beats the same old fodder master feeds us all winter long. You sure you don't want some Ralph?"

But wait, we're just getting started! The Spring Break Madness spins out of control when Jason is seen playing Super Mario Brothers 3 on his computer! Amazing!

Jason woops Janine in Lord of the Rings Monopoly. Hey, I can't help it if I never landed on her property. The Oranges are the most landed on monopoly on the board... statistically... but statistics stand no chance against my powers of persuasion over the roll of the dice. I finally landed on her hotel after an estimated 20 to 25 times around the board, but by then it was too late....


Jason amasses $13,500 just in $500 bills. A traditional monopoly set carries $15,140 in total cash.

Yes, the highlights of this past week on Spring Break are just rivetting, aren't they?


Daniel Schmolze said...

I'm pretty sure that was physiology. Anatomy is long gone (praaaise Jesus!). Other than that, scintillating as always.

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

download the NES emulator and ROMs here:

in the ROM zips are a bunch of ROMs, but only a few of them are good. Look for the ones with "!" in the filename.