Sunday, March 11, 2007

Black ice... ne'eren't so nice

Dad and I went to a 9/11 truth meeting/rally thing which was pretty good. One person made mention of tentative plans for civil disobedience within the next few months so if you want to demonstrate your opposition to sending more troops to Iraq then you can email me and I'll keep you updated on those details.

Dad hit some black ice and plowed through the guardrail before a bridge in Alford. The car wasn't too badly damamged, but the bumper and radiator were banged up pretty good and it was leaking all kinds of fluids and the airbags were deployed. We sat around for about two hours in the cold. I kept warm in one of the 45 fire vehicles that showed up on the scene. Really, you would have thought the car had caught on fire with all the fire engines that showed up.

I kept warm in the fire rescue vehicle.

Inside there was a refrigerator, microwave and an ATV fire extinquishing vehicle decked out with all sorts of gear ready to deploy in the event of a brush fire or some such fare I guess.

The nearest availabe wrecker came all the way from Lee so that was largely due to the long wait.

All in all it really wasn't that bad. Spent most of the time chillin' to some tunes in the First Response Fire pickup truck which was toasty warm.


Daniel Schmolze said...

Ouch dude, that sucks. What car were you guys driving? Excellent job with the documentation.

P.S. - I got it.

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

You got the motorcycle? I wanted to go with you guys but you had left like eight minutes after I called your house. Numchucks. We were driving the Chrysler Town and Country. Apparently the ABS was disabled for some uknown reason. I think we would have avoided the accident had the ABS been working properly.

Will be looking forward to your motorcycle blog update!