Sunday, March 18, 2007

Catamount Video Blogging!

Well, Janine and I hit the slopes and then Clemens joined us a little later. The snow was a little heavy but otherwise we couldn't really complain. It made a for a good workout.

A picturesque chalet.

Janine in perfect form.

Zooming along Ridge Run at Catamount ski area.

Janine tearing up Glade. It is her first season snowboarding.

Clemens shreds the snowboard park.

First person perspective as I ski through the woods. Will I make it through without colliding into a tree? Even more fun than tree sledding, but only slightly safer.

more tree skiing, but this one's a little smoother going.

Let's do it again!

My favorite part "Uhh---Uhh!" More tree skiing fun, except this time I have trouble staying in the tracks.

Clemens jumps out of the woods.

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