Sunday, March 04, 2007

Jake and Nora sell Shawls

Before we get to the shawls... we must pay tribute to winter again. I mean, look at all that snowiness goodness!! You have to click on this pic to get the full effect.

Beware the headless horseman doesn't suddenly appear out of the gloom!

Step right up! Step right up! Don't be shy! The shawls won't bite, but maybe the magic carpet inconspicuously hiding in the corner might. Nori shows how the sale of shawls is done. We sold four shawls at the Dewey Hall in Sheffield for Vicky True's concert fundraiser last night.

Annie also helped facilitate my selling shawls at the Christian Community in Hillsdale, NY where I sold two this morning.

Everyone was very impressed by the magic carpet prominently displayed. Although no one was about to fork over the $2400 asking price.

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