Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Umass Amherst

I don't gots my camera no more so I cants put up da photos and da videos of da new life and home of Jacobis. I'm living with three nice roommates, two girls, a guy and a wood stove, in a nice three story house going up a hill just east of Amherst. So I'm in da country but still close to school. We got wet wood to burn in a funky top loading wood stove. That seems to be the highlight so far, because it seems to be what everything revolves around. I mean, literally; like people physically revolve around it. Because it's centrally located in the middle of the house. It's a small house and the living room is on one side and the kitchen on the other side. So it's like, central heating proper. It also takes up lot of our time because we are constantly prying wet wood from the frozen outside and then trying to dry it around the wood stove and then put it in and watch the thermostat on the smoke stack try to climb to 300F. *Active particulate collection stage.* On the other end of the thermostat reads *Particulate cleaning stage activated* but we've only seen it there once when the girls were nice enough to buy some kiln super dried wood that burns like peace in the middle east: 700F anyone? The world is heating up, but it's a cold rain here today schlepping around campus.

That and I teeter on the edge of college alcohol culture which I don't really want to be a part of. I like my liver. I like being healthy. But that's kind of the situation I find myself in the middle of. Last weekend I felt like I was tumbling backward in time as I lay nauseated and spinning on the couch. I am 18 again? The Jello shots didn't have enough Jello but still went down like butter, hence the spin cycle. Drove home to setup Nadia's computer and had some fine local farm fresh yogurt which my unsettled queasy stomach greatly appreciated. It was the same kind of fare that kept me so healthy so much of the time in India (called curd).

When I was home I watched the Superbowl. How about those ads? How about those last five minutes, eh? End result disappointing at best, but everyone I was watching with was rooting for the underdog. I really thought NE was gonna hold them for the remaining four point five minutes.

* * *

Maybe I borrow somebody's camera at some point and get a visual on the situation here.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got a haircut and look like a puffy poodle... or a girl, whichever you prefer. Just imagine... cause you ain't gonna get a picture. Great way to kick off the new start. And we have a long eared rabbit living in the apartment. I sometimes hear it scamper back and forth during the night two stories up.

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Anonymous said...

heinrich, definitely avoid the alcohol culture.
respect your health. be firm about it. people will respect ya. total waste of time and brain.