Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2009 Auto Show

Cars are fun. So couple weekends ago I went down to Philadelphia with mein bruder to visit my cousin Jonathan and his wife Allison. We threw the football in the park and I jumped the fence Jacky Chan style. The highlight of the show was when my car was featured! Yes, I'm not kidding! Same generation, same model, same color! But all blinged out with 617 horsepower or something ridiculous like that which is Mclaren F1 territory.

First, another photo that needs a caption. Come on, people, I know who most of you are that look at this blog and most of you are clever and smart and I'm sure you could come up with some good captions.

OMG Britney Spears having sex in public with 50 cent!

Still the best tuner car ever made:

Steffen checks out a stylish crossover Bimmer. Or was it the M5?

That's Jonathan in the background with the carrot colored hair and brown jacket.

This car had interesting seats. Kind of like how Miller High Life is the champagne of beers (the stuff you learn at college) this car is the champagne of ... cars.

The exterior:

Jonathan showing the camera some love

Jake in front of an American Revolution. Sorry, this revolution doesn't involve overthrowing Dick Cheney.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Porsche Cayman. Go on, you can drool with me. Just don't get any on your keyboard.

Lotus Exige. Very interesting name. I wouldn't recommend trying to say it ten times fast.

This Mercedes starts at $495,000. I think it might be overpriced. Granted it carries the Mclaren badge.

Audi's flagship sports car. I think it costs less than 1/6th of the above Merc.

Somebody wrecked this one but they couldn't be bothered to remove it from the show.

Umm... sexy.

That is what I call a fine caboose.

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