Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm giong to a Bruce Springsteen Concert!

Tomorrow I'm gonna see the Boss perform live in Hartford with the E Street Band!! Somehow I know not how, I scored two free tickets valued at over $100 a piece. I've invited one of my roommates along who has a similar opinion of the Boss as myself; not a raving fan, but definitely not going to pass up an opportunity to see a living legend rock out only the way the Boss knows how. VERRY ROCKIN' Check back soon for an update on the show! In other lucky news, I picked up a nearly new $100 printer/fax/scanner for $20 because some lady was moving and didn't use it much. I also scored a circa $2000 88 key electric piano that sounds like a real high quality piano (but has great functionality for hooking up to a PC) for $600. I'm just all sorts of scoring lately.

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Daniel Schmolze said...

Lemme guess, you were wearing the hat.