Saturday, January 12, 2008

Home and Body Improvement with Ben

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Today we have a really exciting show for you folks. We are so fortunate as to have the great and venerable Ben with us today. Welcome Ben, it is wonderful to see you again!

As you saw in the video, while talented and proficient in his work, Ben still manages to be humble in his daily activities, not letting his skills and prowess swell his head, but instead in a show of humility lowers his head to the garbage pale and actually kisses the garbage, for he acknowledges it too serves an important purpose for him in his labor of love.
To schedule a dynamite training session with Ben at his current studio in Lenox, call 413 695 8152.

I had the distinct honor of helping Ben out a little bit yesterday burn the old rotten wood from the Barn and other wood scraps from the barn to studio conversion job.

The fire before we threw on a giant slab of wet wood that was part of the wall of the barn.

Here the wet wood wall from the barn is incinerated by the super hot fire from all the dry wood I stuffed into the firepit to its absolute capacity.

Some fine craftmanship by Ben on his barn and what will be his new personal fitness studio.

Ben deftly installs a new window and carefully cuts and reinstalls the old pieces of wood around the window. What a pro job.

Jumping Jehosafat Giha

And now for something completely different. (video is from last year at Catamount)

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