Monday, January 07, 2008

Flying Jehosafat Giha

I lost my camera at Catamount. Apparently forgot to zip my jacket pocket after putting my camera away. Roger was dressed up in funky outfit and on those teeny skis that are like a little bigger than the ski boot. Was filming him looking goosey. Roger has about 35 pairs of skis--all different kinds. Roger's the guy I've been skiing with this past week. We both live near by and ski the same trails and he struggles to keep up with me on my racing skis which are damn fast, but he does. So, no picture updates for awhile.

In other news, it's better not to sign a lease for an apartment before being accepted to the associated school. "We haven't gotten your transcript yet--we're not sure they'll be room to accept anymore students." ... --pause-- "But I just signed the lease for the apartment in Amherst." --Fool of a Took! Fool of a Root more like it. "Well, I don't want you to be stuck with a lease and not be able to sleep tonight, let me see what I can do." Councelor leaves and comes back about five minutes later. "Okay, the director of Admissions accepted you." So by the skin of my teeth in typical Jacinto fashion, I am accepted to Umass right then and there. How bout them apples. But I will be doing late registration which means slim pickins on the classes. Looks like I'm gonna major in English rather than Environmental Science. Too much science and math in the kind of work I'd want to do in ENV SCI. I'd rather read and write. So I'll be a Junior! I actually gradjimicated from BCC thirty-six years posthumous to the fact. Feels good to be movin' on. I'll miss the cement hegemony on the hill that is BCC. Here's to new beginnings.


Daniel Schmolze said...

Shwanglified. Mazel tov. I love the sheer Jacinto-ness of your methods. Sucks about the camera, though. But you wanted a new one anyway, right? Oh, but now you're probably broke =[.

Nora said...

Woohooo Jake! Mazel tov! So happy for you. Hope it's great.

hellbent said...

That's hilarious - kid you got the luck. Congrats tho, I'm happy for ya.
And hey, now that you're gonna get a college edimication you can definitely splurge on a nice new camera.