Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tee Putt Putt Birdie Par Bogie Bah

Dan and I went to a golf course in Worcester and walked around it shortly after I bought my car. It was pretty. Later we went to the club house and sat down to wait for some burgers, but left before they were ready. But I made off with a Gatorade. Not sure if they realized we weren't part of the club. Seemed happy enough to give us drinks and burgers tho.

Some hot rod bikes we saw in da parknig lot.

Grecian like theater in the round:

Dan puts on a show...

Dan is having a gay and merry time.

Something of a view of downtown Worcster. Dan swears there are worseter cities than Worceter and that there is no "h" in worcester sauce, but please, know better than to call it "worseter" sauce, ya?

The golf course. The stragglers were finishing up. We were just strolling through, waving at the golfers.

A tree that changed color because of seasonal dystrophy... or something.

The last hole. Going for Bogie.

I promise the next update will be a little more interesting and not so long in coming.

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