Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Sharon!

Thanks for having me be a part of your birthday Sharon. It was fun digging holes and running the wheelbarrow back and forth. I needed the exercise. Sorry about your tree. :( Dan, email me the pics so I can post the foolish reason why the tree got hurt.

Ben digs a hole.

Sharon found some very strange antlike bugs. What to do? What to do? We pulled our hair out and screamed frantically. But we never were able to figure out what they were online. It shall forever remain a mystery unless Tom Tyning can shed some light on the matter in class on Tuesday when I show him da pics.

We also saw a cool bat looking moth:

It actually was trying to mimic a leaf, not a bat.

Dan heaves. Dan hoes. While Ben looks on.

Well... that's all folks!

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c. edward koop said...

two of the funniest damn pictures i've ever seen. something about the fury and the casual bystanding, and the hopeless hole, just kills me.