Friday, October 05, 2007

Gone fishin'

Went down to the pond to catch some fish in Field Methods class. We caught fish. I squealed like a little girl when I had to put the worm on the hook and hold the fish and try to remove the hook from its mouth. I failed at both. Well, I eventually got the worm on the hooks. Tearing worms apart is not nice. Poor worms. Poor fish. Poor world.

The girls caught most of the fish.

Tom removes the hook for the squeamish girls. *ahem*

Nate and I caught some minnows.

All in all we caught 4 fish. 3 caught by girls and one by the boys, and the one guy that caught the fish was the one who brought all the fishing poles and is a fisherman. So what do we learn from this? Guys can't fish.

Oh yeah, and one fish caught bare handed by me. As you can see I'm about to eat it raw. "Riggling, and raw" mmm mmmm.

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