Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nora and Rachel

hanging out at Warner's
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The blurring frenetic chaos of city life
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These girls have attitude.
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Eat the brownie!
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searing sizzling lava mountain icecream brownie thingy (edible)
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Anonymous said...

Hey Brodi, lovin the blog and pics. How's the camera holding up? Still highly recommend it? Trish and are have been checking it out on new egg per you recommendation and just curious if it is holding up to the long term test.
Keep up the good work and fun,
Love ya bro

Daniel Schmolze said...

Well I'll be damned! I was beginning to forget what she looked like.

william tell said...

off for brazil on the morrow.
hope all is well. send me an email and let me knw when you're coming back east.


The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Tonka, I sent you couple emails but your addy keeps having permanent fatal errors. I'm still skedded to arrive back home Jan. 9 but if I find by some miracle I'm not broke by then maybe I would postpone da trip. Have fun with those Brazillian beauties down there.

Stoof, the camera is a champ. I have dropped it on numerous occasions, including on concrete. Still works beautifully. One thing is there are spots on the pictures when taking flash in darkness, but I think I just need to properly clean the lense. Camera has been through alot. But, yes, I am insanely happy with my camera. You should definitely buy. The big screen is really a big bonus. No true viewfinder might be a bit of a downer, but the con doesn't outweigh the pro of having a big screen.

Anonymous said...

a great present to see that beautiful daughter! muchas graciasXXX
sounds like you are really taking to India, and the Indians to you. Have fun, grow, stretch. Love to all, Sharon

Steve said...

Whooo, four pictures of Nori! You score big points in our house for letting the mom see the far-away daughter looking well. Maybe you should work this into a scheme for funding your trip: "Well, I have some pictures of Nora but it will be difficult and costly for me to post them...."

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Good idea Steve, why didn't I think of that before?

Anonymous said...

Root, you ae cue. It's great to see all the fun and commotion.