Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blogging the blog for blog's sake

Actually, wanted to let everyone know what I've been up to of late. Started taking Hindi classes. Hindi coming along slowly but surely. The sounds are somewhat similar to Espanol and I find myself wanting to speak in Spanish oddly enough... I think because India reminds me of Peru in many ways. I also started taking classical singing classes. Quite fun actually. And want to take up the tabla drums soon, too. I am going to a Buddhist retreat tomorrow for ten days! Quiet and meditation and lectures on things... Buddha. Ohm and the like; enlightenment and all that... or at least inner peace and mental focus. Don't worry, Nori tells me it's not a course for converting people into monks or anything like that. So it may be awhile before another update.

Today is a big celebration for Diwali again. This time its the angels and Gods celebrating... just another excuse to blast fireworks really... just kidding... Nori tells me there won't be many fireworks but lots of lights. Last year my birthday coincided with Guy Fawkes day in New Zealand and this year it's coinciding with another day of celebration. I feel special.


Daniel Schmolze said...

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy the retreat.

Sharon said...

Wow! Happy birthday, Jakie-ji. Thank you for keeping up the blog. I also wish you a good time on the retreat. What wonderful experiences! Look forward to hearing from you when you return. We went to a performance at the Mahaiwe last night that made us think of you--really athletic types playing with movement and gravity in fun, audacious ways--lots of splatting, trust falling, swinging, bungeeing, etc.

hernan da silva said...

happy birthday to you comrade. hope you festoon to the festoonadarium, with a slathering of gupta for good measure.

many happy returns of the day.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday. all my love and some of shawns too. hope you have fun on your retreat. its a full moon tonight. lets the lights give you hope for a better world. I love you so much,
love alethea and shawn.

Anonymous said...

happy b-day Jason. Wow 27! It's a great year. And may the retreat bring some calm. Pray for us your family, all of us. And enjoy the still and quiet, 'cause out here it's wild and fiery and tumultuos. I'd love to hear more about how the singng and Hindi come along. You sound so relaxed and happy. I miss you and keep on dancing in the light as you see it clebrated all around. Love Illona, Paulo and Ana Sofia

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day brodi. Im a little late but I gues late is better than never. Its voting day here in the states so I am off to cast by ballot, hope you sent in your absentee ballot, gotta make sure the progressive hybrid car lovers get elected. Trish and I love and miss you, so keep up the good times and keep reporting.

Eva said...

jeeps jake,
better late than never as they say, CongraTs!! May this 27th year be one full of peace, love, good health, easy decisionmaking :-), new discoveries and friendships.
kuup us apduted, s good for my english ;-).


btw: yes to that belgium-stop!

Allison & Jonathan said...

Jake, where are you right now? Where was the retreat? Can you give a brief overview of where've you been over the last month? Have you made it to the Taj? Will you? I recommend it thoroughly, even though I was hesitant, it was absolutely amazing. Who would have thunk a building would have such power and presence, but it did. Happy belated birthday, we love you!

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Allison and Jonathan, no Taj yet. Dunno if I will go. Nori doesn't have her heart set on it. I would like to see it but I'm not adamant about it. The last month has been in Varanasi, minus the two week side trip to Bodhgaya where the retreat was.