Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bird Watching

Today had Field Methods lab where we watched hawks with binoculars. No way to get pictures of them, but here is an amazing video of some pretty spectacular bird formations.

click here, and make sure you watch the entire thing -- some parts are pretty amazing

In other news, been half-assing the training for the Josh Billings Runaground. Ben, Dan, Jake and Gio all competing as a team. Dan is running. Jake is cycling. Gio and Ben are hoofing it in the canoe. Rode up Mt. Washington today as a last ditch effort to prepare. Was a splendid ride. Flying Moseses.

1 comment:

donald hernrikkson said...

jacinto the lionhearted.
dude, you absolutely wailed it.

just by sheer strongarm, by sheer rangoon, horse sense and beguiling.

our team was 170th...

sorry we couldn't hold you up.