Sunday, August 19, 2007

I got a "new" car!

yessum yessums! A 1993 Honda Civic VX hatchback! Why am I so excited you ask? Because this little gem is the most fuel efficient car Honda made during the 1990s. Along with the teeny Geo Metro XFi which has much less utility and comfort than the VX, it was the most fuel efficient car made during the entire decade.


heinrich von blotterhorn said...


hot dawg!
gee whiz, mister, that's a SWELL caaaaaar!

congrats dude. i commend you for your horse sense in brazenly seeking out a VX and buying one at all costs.


good lad.

must feel good.

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Not even at all costs! Only eighteen hundred little ones. Yes, I am very happy. Drives very fine. And it's VTEC so its peppy. You can sip along at 1100RPMs in 5th gear. Two drops of gas per mile.

ben said...

so is this not the ultra high mpg model?

goose fraba.

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

VTEC-E. VTEC with lean burn technology. The lean-burn is a mode the engine enters whenever its under low load or low RPMs where the mixture of gas to air becomes very lopsided so that it's mostly air. Also, at RPMs lower than 2700 only half the valves are in action, to save fuel. So, yes, it is the utra high mpg model. But it's also a VTEC so when you go above 2700RPM it behaves like a normal high revving VTEC Civic behaves. Nice and peppy!

ben said...

right on dude.
i have no doubt you'll be sipping it at about 83mpg.


james g. joyce said...

why no right side mirror?

Jacinto R. Montegue said...

Fuel efficiency first. Safety second. Do I really need a passenger side mirror?

c. edward koop said...

indeed. indeed.
nice car. can't wait to go for a ride with ya.

Nerbert R. Quincy Geraldine the 3rd said...

yes mon. Soon as you come back from Maine we'll go for a jaunt!

Anonymous said...

YO, how about a new post, I am getting tired of looking at your new/beat up old car, post dammit!!

Later BIG Bro