Friday, June 22, 2007

Driving in Great Barrington

I was on my lunch break today and went around the castle street block after picking up the Instant Karma: Save Darfur CD at Tune Street which is a bunch of covers of John Lennon songs to raise money to stop the genocide in Darfur. I wanted something to listen to while painting the interior of Steffen's new bike shop location on State Rd. across from The Pizza House. Town was ├╝ber-mobbed and coming out onto main street by Berkshire Bank the person two cars before me wasn't inching forward or anything--waiting for a magic traffic light to suddenly appear or something--so I got impatient and honked the guy in front of me and motioned for him to do something about the tentative driver in front of him but he didn't care to extend an encouraging honk to the girl in front of him, just looked at me dumbly as if to say "what am I supposed to do?" so I got of the car, covered in paint, paint in my hair, paint everywhere, and marched into traffic (the traffic was so bad the cars were only going 5-10mph) and put my hands up to stop both lanes of traffic and motioned the little lady to go. She smiled sheepishly and I ran back to my car (there were now cars behind me), giving the guy in front of me a passing glance. He got the picture and followed the girl in front of him into traffic. People's inability to look at a traffic situation and improvise accordingly--especially in overly congested Great Barrington--is a little irksome. I mean, I can't sit around all day and let bad drivers ruin my gas mileage, sheesh!

Trish doing a professional job of cutting in while painting Stoof's new, spiffy bike shop:

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