Monday, June 18, 2007

Barbecue at Jake's

Nori in rare fashion complying to a photo shoot in Guy's Memorial. His birthday was last week.

If I'm the best root above ground, then Harbinder has to be the best Indian this side of... of India. Although it looks like Dan isn't so sure.

It was a beautiful afternoon for a barbecue. (sorry, I don't have photoshop to lighten the foreground)

Nori and Avi loving the spotlight of the camera.

If you would like to know why any pictures of me are conspicuously missing from this entry, perhaps a visit over to Dan's complementary blog is in order... Plus, there are some very nice pictures. Very impressive one of the sky. Wow.

In other news, Vadim and I went for a bike ride up that killer hill by Camp Eisner. Then we hiked up the Appalachian trail a ways and Vadim took 42 thousand pictures. I took a few but I was more interested in just being in the moment than capturing it on my camera for twice. (there was another time but it was a long time ago and I don't really remember when.) On the bike ride back I got up to 43mph. But this is on a mountain bike with knobby tires and my bike wouldn't go into my top gear. I think I will have to borrow a road bike from Berkshire Bike and Blade some time and see if I can't top 60mph.

Vadim clambers up the rocky face.

This wild flower on the trail caught my eye. Do you think it's pretty? I think it's lovely.

I like the halo around the sun in this rather lovely but typical sunset. I remember the sunsets in India. Particularly the ones in Kovalam in the south. Loverly, but the ones in the good ol' Berkshires are nice too.

Stay tuned for 42 thousand more pictures of Vadim and our little excursion coming soon.

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