Monday, April 09, 2007

Mainely Mountains

At the end of March, Nori and I picked up Dan in Worcester and checked out Clark University where Nori and I had a rather... strange welcome upon setting foot on campus. What was it that the old lady said? Oh yeah: "Hello Martians. How's the motherfucking bloodsucking going?" And the library looked like those big robot things in the snowy part of Starwars: The Empire Strikes Back:

After the warm welcome at Clark University in Worcester, we drove up to Maine where we spent two days hiking non stop. At one point we had to hitchhike because we came out on the road so far away from the car.
Considering we were three, we got a ride fairly easily. There weren't too many people hiking for good reason. It was cold and the trails still had a lot of ice on them. I nearly broke my neck about two dozen times surfing down the ice. Having the mountains to ourselves was worth it though. And it wasn't as cold as it has been here the passed few days.

We decided this trail (yes, below all that ice somewhere is what is called "The Waterfall Trail") was not passable.

An ice chasm

Oh! Exclaims Dan. Suggest your best caption:

Champaigne on ice.

on top of the mountain

Nori pretending to mind being photographed.

Steve and Isabel join us on the last day.

Isabel is photographed from both sides as the sun burns red through the trees.

Brother and Sister at the top of Cadillac mountain.

A nice picture of the 3 of us, would't ya say?

Still frozen over.

All in all it was an extraordinarily nice time. Mostly because we had the trails and mountains to ourselves, but also the adventurous nature of slip sliding down the trails added to the fun. Unfortunately I forgot my camera cable and couldn't make more room for any videos. But if you wanna see more photos of the weekend, visit Dan's blog update: His website is now password protected because the content of his blog is apparently a threat to the school and to Dan's future prospects as a doctor, so just email him for the password. There are some nice pics up there.


Daniel Schmolze said...

The Star Wars comparison is uncanny. Cool ice photo. We gotta do this again soon.

zeeva7 said...

Yow Jason
now I'm starting to get really jealous about all the hiking in those xtra-ordinary ice-scapes.
but I guess that's the mission of your blog eh? ;-)
allthough, that sunbathing I did in bininis in our garden last week (30 degrees Celsius!)wasn't bad eighter :p.

summer greetz from Belgium!

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

summer greetz eh? *Summer* greetz you say, eh? Well that's just great. Meanwhile it's still >>winter<< here. Been snowing, raining, snowing, sleeting, raining, flooding-bad flood for like half the eastern seaboard. Unfortunately my camera broke so I haven't got any nice pics of the mayhem. :( But *spring* should be coming here soon. And then we'll see about summer....

Eva said...

oo gosh, just noticed I wrote bininis instead of biKinis
but I'm sure all those intellectual blogvisitors knew what I meant ;-)

Yeah Jake, lol. But I'm sure that you as a cool tough guy can handle those weatherswings!

Daniel Schmolze said...

The blog is dead, long live the blog! =[

Get a new camera already.

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Canon fixed my camera and sent it back. Woulda been here today but no one was here to sign. So, yeah, they fixed it at no charge. Was surprised.

Daniel Schmolze said...

dude, late is the hour you choose to be born. (AKA: update yo dang blog!)

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Late is the hour I finish up the dang final papers!! But this english one if flying right along. The quickest thing I banged out all semester. So soon is the time the blog update will be.