Thursday, January 25, 2007

You can take a rerun... if you'd like.

Well, blogging is kinda fun so it'll continue while there are things to blog about. Today we have more pics of the reluctant to leave geese on Smiley's pond (they've finally gone now) and the little pond by Jug End Reservation. Well, I guess as long as there's water, regardless of how freezing it is, they'll stick around. Give 'em another week, tho, and they'll be gone.... Global warming hasn't won out on winter just yet.

Credit goes to Sharon for spotting this hawk or falcon. Then Nori spotted the same falcon (may have been the very same one) a day or two later about a mile away on our drive back from BCC but I didn't have my camera on me. On the same drive home we also saw a red fox and a black squirrel in a little field. I think we both felt that was pretty auspicious.

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You can take a rerun if you'd like, Tim. Tim, from the Berkshire Bike and Blade race team at Catamount, makes it through the finish line with a little added flare and style while somehow still managing to beat his personal best time and putting Berkshire Bike and Blade in good standing. The announcer was actually referring to Steffen's run right before Tim's because she was feeling sorry for Steffen for not quite managing to finish the course after he ate it hard.


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Allison & Jonathan said...

Jake, start a blog with video of you guys racing now. Please? I miss skiing so much, and living vicariously through you will help me cope. Please?