Sunday, January 28, 2007

Benedict Pond -- Scenes of Winter

Maria Janine and I went to Benedict Pond this afternoon. Other than Maria wandering off into the woods, it was pretty uneventful. Doug came with us too but was adamantly clear that he did not want to step anywhere near the frozen lake.

It's cold.

We were trying to figure out what animal these tracks might belong to.

It was markedly colder on the lake compared to home. For instance, there is an inch of snow on the ground around the lake.

The cracks in the ice were superficial. You could have driven a car onto the ice. We debated it for a few seconds. I did jump up and down a couple times, though.

Jake, Gineane and Maria

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Ice bubbles trapped like forgotten memories frozen in time. Poor ice bubbles. Someone should free them.

We averaged over 100mpg for fifteen straight minutes on the ride back. Not too shabby.

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