Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Retiring the walker

Went to an orthopedist today and got more X-rays.  They said probable fracture in the rightest most bone in the middle of the right side of my right foot (I think where the "bunionette" is in the below image).

I got a prescription for an orthopedic boot which I was fitted with today.  It supports my foot marvelously!  It's really great.  So now I can hobble around without my foot getting fatigued so quickly.  I've spent the last two weeks lying on the couch, but now I will be using crutches to hobble around as the palms of my hands have healed and the orthopedic boot provides so much support.  Still, I'm looking at 2 to 3 months before I'm jumping up and down again.  So probably 6 or 7 weeks before I'll be riding a bike again.

It was nice to be out in the world again after being cooped up for so long.  I did a half-assed job shaving yesterday after finally taking a shower on a stool.  I didn't use a mirror because I shaved in the shower and so went out in the world today looking a little scruffy.

All in all, it was a great day and I'm happy to be beyond the stage of my foot being ultra-sensitive all the time.

UPDATE: The orthopedic boot is so effective I was able to drive my car around the block.  The fan on the car seized tho from sitting for two weeks.  Never let your car sit for a prolonged period of time without running it.  Especially if it's an older car.  The older the car, the shorter the time intervals between running it need to be.  Last year my boss' car's alternator seized after sitting for 6 weeks without being run.  The consequence of driving the car with a seized alternator was that the engine overheated leaving me stranded and having to call AAA.  So get someone to run your car every few days for 1/2 an hour if you are going away!

Back to the efficacy of the orthopedic boot.  I lost my balance hopping down a couple steps and fell backward (I'm still getting used to the crutches).  I was careful not to use my bad foot to prevent the fall, and so landed on my hip with the healing road burn (a trade off I was happy to make).  My foot didn't even feel a thing.  Got up and hobbled on my merry way.  

My cousin Amira needed to be picked up in town so I figured even though my foot is a bit weak I'd be extra careful and drive true blue.  I recognized that since it was dusk it would be even more dangerous to be driving, so I drove slow:

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