Monday, April 19, 2010

Bash Bish Falls at Low Tide

A weekend of partying, followed up by 4 hours of sleep and a run/hike up Jug End should not provide fertile ground to then clamor up Bash Bish Falls and jump from rock to rock. Yet it was the most adventurous outing at Bash Bish in many years.

Going out on a limb

The spectators

The Falls

Jumping Jehozaphat Geeha!

No persons got wet in the making of this blog.

Water and Time carve a channel below the falls.

That's me in the alcove on the left in the above pic.

Low tide reveals rockin' weathered features.

From the top...

Can you spot my spectators?

Should I jump?

I shouldn't...

Logs get trapped at the top of the falls.

The falls from the side. You can see part of the large boulder on the left.

Another large boulder that fell in the forming of the falls.

Where another boulder cracked upon landing.

Behind the falls

To sum up, this is how I felt yesterday:

Presenting the LOLKat.

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