Saturday, May 03, 2008

Easter and Other shenanigans

I never did the Easter Update. Photos taken with dad's camera of the Easter walk, before Leslie and I had arrived....

From top down: Aaron, Zane, Nadia and Gillian

John and Gillian

Doug and Gil

I arrived late to the Easter Walk because I had to wait for Leslie to get dressed. By the time we arrived, everyone was numchuckles near ready to pack it up. I didn't realize this at the time and wanted to do some hiking behind the falls, so Tobias and I set off. We both took pictures of the gushing falls still encrusted in ice. On the way down I told him I wanted to get more pictures from a vantage point I suspected to be a ways to the left of the steep wooded slope we were hiking down. He couldn't be bothered and continued down. Easter Sunday 2008 is a story in pictures.

When we reached the top, everyone had gone.

Nad had waited at my car with Leslie and Zane. When we got back I realized I had left my green cashmere sweater at the falls. Steffen had brought it up while Tobias and I were behind the falls. He left it on the railing, assuming I'd see it on my way out, but I think someone else saw before I got back down. Tobias and I drove back to Bash Bish later that evening at dusk. The last dull glow of the sunset the only light hovering on the horizon. I looked where my brother said he had left it but it wasn't there.

After I had scoured the area and didn't find my sweater, I walked back up to the road but the car nor Tobias did I see. Perplexed, I started walking up the road. After a short while, the probing beam of the flashlight spotted a shape laid out on the pavement. I squinted and upon approach, made out that it was Tobias.

What was Tobias doing lying on his back in the middle of the road? Was he dead? As I puzzled through the possibilities he suddenly came to life.

Switching Gears

Doug is one cool dude.

Doug gets a kiss from Christina

I'm no guppy!

"Hey Bucky"

Ben's gym nearly done.

A lady at Ganga Extravaganza was walking around with a pet python. Ganga Extravaganza is a festival of young, stoned, students campaigning to legalize marijuana. Really it's an excuse to get stoned without being harassed (not really sure how that works.) There were a few live bands playing, but otherwise it was pretty low key.

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