Monday, March 10, 2008

The Devil's Arcade

so apparently (according to Shauana, my roommate whom I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert with) Bruce Springsteen covered a song by the Arcade Fire. Not sure if the title of this blog post and song is an homage to The Arcade Fire or not, but at any rate, a great song by da Boss on his latest album "Magic".

So it turns out I like large concerts. Never really knew I did, but definitely would like to see him again in the summer. Was one of the biggest natural highs liberated by a little alcohol I've experienced--good times dancin' in the dark. So after the superlative performance by Bruce an' company the radiator hose on my car came loose as we were driving out of the parking garage (a 20 minute episode in itself) and overheated. No biggie, went to a bar and borrowed a pitcher of water to replace the missing fluid and put the hose back on; finally found a gas station and bought some coolant and a flathead screwdriver and tightened the hose down good; problem fixed; no exploding engine on the ride home.

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