Thursday, December 20, 2007


It's that time of year again. For Eggnog and Frankincense.

Here's a solar rainbow to make up for my slacking on the job.

Well, let's bring things up to speed shall we? While you were gone--err.. during the period of time this space was neglected the sun rose and set. The stars shown bright whether clouds obscured their truth or no. Snow fell and more snow fell and sleet and more sleet and freezing rain and more sleet and freezing rain and some more snow and sliding cars. I love my car, but it's unsafe without snow tires. Fun, but unsafe. Safety first.

Presenting the in-laws.

Okay, what's the big idea. Is this the cat claw the air picture? Why do we have to strike a pose. Why can't we just be ourselves.

I guess this guy thinks he's cool cause he's got his back to the camera. Okay, no. NOT cool.

I guess this girl thinks she's cool cause she's got her face to the camera. Yeah, whatever.

Okay, this girl is cool. Yeah. She knows how to turn her back to the camera.

Wait, we're not done yet. Coolness is about to go to a-whole-nother level. I didn't know it was possible to get drunk off of cold.

Now that is cool. Like really cool. Like cooler even than Siberia. Oh, wait, it is Siberia! Yes, folks, I'm afraid it's true. This is what happens to those who winter in Siberia. I don't know what's so funny about the cold, but there you have it. Cold silly.

This is what you do in Siberia during the winter. You knit, play scrabble and laugh. It doesn't get any cooler than this.

Nori blazes the way to new, hip trends in Siberian styling.

Cool, man, cool.

After about an hour or two of laughing at the absurdity of the situation, we finally awoke from our reverie and realized that we weren't actually in Siberia at all. But rather, the door had been left open. So the Siberian cold air was getting inside from outside, as in, a draft. No studies have been done on the effects of winter on intelligence.

Now here's a man who isn't deterred by a little cold. Ben erects a wall for his new private gym. Now that's cool!

Okay, now what is with this. Let me guess, another person who thinks they're cool. Taking credit for Ben's hard work are we?

John talks to Richard Scarlet dappled in scarlet light after the performance of the the annual Shepherd's Play. Richard's daughter Leslie played Marry, but we have no pictures because John restricted flash and non-flash photography during the performance and then lied about setting up shots after the performance. Way to go dad.

But we do have pictures of the magnificent stained-glass windows! (And Mr. Eurich)

Oh, and the red innkeeper. Everyone's favorite.

Sneezed in snow.

Old man winter. I swear, no respect.
"Haha, I got you stuck in the snow and made you late for school!! Hahah, Aren't I cool!!!"

%&$!ing asshole.

John fails it.

Piece of cake.

BCC was closed three Mondays in a row because of sleet, freezing rain and blowing snow. Old man winter really thinks he's cool. That's because he doesn't know any other way to party. Really quite pitiable actually. He can't have any real fun so he tries to spoil it for everyone else. Well, OMW, I happen to like missing school. It's actually FUN. so there.

Giving thanks with the Greeks.

Oh boy, it's the cool couple again....

What, you talking to me?

Teddy's toy, except that's not Teddy.

Oh please, don't be ridiculous.

If you're gonna go crazy, might as well go crazy for oversized cupcake.

What in the hell? Are we still trying to be cool?

Dude, don't even go there.

You are all sorts of 0wned.

Name the frightening political figure.

Butterflies with wing tips that mimic snake heads from the Rene's taxidermy collection.

Okay, can we close the book on cool once and for all?

Someone's idea of fun: snipping off the feet of teeny saw-whet owls.
Okay, that's not cool.

But I'm cute! Sorry bub, cuteness doesn't care about science.

Wow, the coolness awards are really heating up now. Tobias Heine puts it all on the line.

Seasons collide.

Giant ... thing.
another taxidermy thing from Rene's "museum".

Coolness submission #26. Exibit A

Forget it, this competition is closed. We have a clear winner.

Poor mouse has been traumatized by finger nail polish.

Well, you've done it again. You've wasted another perfectly good 2 minutes festooning on empty calorie frivolity.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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