Saturday, May 19, 2007

News and other happenings

Sorry for the loooooooong lapse in blogging. The camera broke and recently got fixed. They'll be another update soon.

Spent a couple days in New york this passed week and it was a wee bit expensive. I parked the car in a bus lane and it got towed. I rode Vincentine's bike to the pound to retrieve the car but when I got there I realized I had forgotten the key. So I rode back, got the key and retrieved the car for $185. I then spent an hour stuck in traffic looking for a parking space to contest the $115 fine that went on top of the $185 impound fee. I finally found a space but had to go up 20 blocks. Good thing I took the seats out of the minivan for easy transport of the bike. They reduced the fine by $25 to $90. I then parked the car in a meter spot to see Damian at his bike shop in the village. But I couldn't find the car again because I forgot to note the streets I had parked at. When I finally got back to the car it had gotten another ticket good for $65.

I started painting houses for Doug Schmolze so I'll have money to pay all the fines. Joy! Had my first day on the job on Friday and it was surprisingly not so bad. Today was pretty okie dokie too. Stained a bunch of beam girder thingies--the thin pieces of wood that act as trim. Oh for a radio at work tho. Or an iPod. Music would make work wonderful. And now peekshures from the last few weeks.

My Mom is moving!She is moving to a quaint little house on Hulburt Road near Route 71 direclty across the cornfield facing the airport.

Four Generations. (if you include the pic of mom)

Something taboo about going in the left lane?
Ana Sophia came to help mom move.
Ana Sophia reaches up to grab at the big wide world.
Is Ana Sophia's aunt as cute as Ana Sophia?

We think not. Not all that glitters is gold. Aww, that was mean (if you can ascertain the reference)
Nora powers the canoe while I study
for last assignment for English
Uhh... last of the Mohecans?

G.B. in full bloom.