Saturday, December 23, 2006

A bird in the bush is better than a cardigan in the corset

I actually haven't looked into this assertion to any extensive degree so I can't really be sure of its virisimilitude, but I reckon its true enough.

Well, after finally overcoming a horrendous hacking cough I've been sick last few days with something of the flu. Nothing major, but a bit of a doohickey in the holiday.

Still in Kerala. The beach is beautiful. The water is beautifuler.
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sunset on Kerala

Nori can't believe she's holding a live snake in her hand. Her Hindi teacher finds it harmlessly amusing.
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The fish is as fresh as it can be but I still haven't tried it. Very expensive. Some dishes are as much as US$8!
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Quick! Let's go grab ourselves some farty towels and lie on the beach and get all smelly before going for a swim!
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Nori with Farooq, our new Keralan friend.
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Well well well, aren't we just fashionably famous looking!
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Farooq alongside the famous Alfred von Tripitz
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Anonymous said...

Hooray!! The blog is back! I rely on you for news of Nora's continuing happiness and suitors. YOu look great, Jake, not at all sick and more sort of statesmanlike and worldly. Are you extending your ticket? What is up with that and your plans? It looks so beautiful in Kerala. Where next? When?
Merry Christmas. Be well!

Daniel Schmolze said...

Sunsets, check. Snakes, check. Inadvertently hilarious t-shirts, check. This post delivers!

Any ideas on your travel plans? I've been thinking. We should travel this summer (maybe with Sol?). Middle East and/or Mediterranean, what sayest thou?


We are agreed on the relative merits of birds in bushes versus cardigans in corsets.

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Okay, good, that's what I thought. I figured it pretty much went without saying.

I'm sure Sol would be up for that given that he's in a similar scholastic situation. Mediterranean sounds good. Still don't know if I am extending my ticket or not. Money is a big issue on that front as all my money is locked up in silk and mountain goat underfleece sailing somewhere on the Indian Ocean....

More travelling sounds great to me though! Why not.

edgar lemuet said...

way to go there, heinrich,
the goatee definitely makes you look dutch or finnish or something, like hubert das sanborn, taxidermist.

looking good laddie.

do me a favor and bring me back a nice shirt or two, i'll pay ya back.


voop said...

also, i have about $50 here for you from aaron moshe, i think. could wire it to you if you're real strapped.

Anonymous said...

Root, lets piece together your next voyage, even though I am biased and want you home for Ana Sofia's b-day. Again you look so mature and relaxed and happy. And I hope your misguided fortune arrive safely so that you may find the mula to continue on if you want. We had a fabulous Christmas day with the tyke, she is a toddler now! What fun, all our love and blessings. P.S hope you kick the cold, we all got a little bug too. But are recouping fine.